Online treatment Reservation

  • November 1, 2018


This technique allows to modify, shape, size and color of the teeth, with a shine and impeccable texture that looks natural.

Resin sheets of high resistance to masticatory impact (80% of ceramic content) are used, which are glued tooth by tooth covering only the front and the edge of the natural tooth, without wasting it. This resin is glued with adhesive mechanisms, achieving a bond between the lamina and the natural tooth.

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  • India Jackson

    Im from America and im in getting my teeth done. I have a slight open bite and underbid. And ill also need 2 implants. I do have braces on. So my quesstion would be..... Do I need to have my bite fixed first or do you do that also. And An estimated cost

    • Lina

      Hi sorry for the late reply, you can click on the button of contact to direct message on our WhatsApp.

  • Paula

    Hello, I'm from America and I wanted to know, what is the online treatment reservation? Does that include the price of the veneers or is that just to reserve an appointment? I look forward to your response.

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